Thursday, 22 October 2009

BSc in household management

Back at home I had a washing basket in my bathroom. At night it would be full, magically in the morning it would be empty. When I came back from school all my clothes that were in the washing basket are washed, ironed and neatly folded laying in my drawers. The truth is, it's not magic, it was the maid. Bless her, as the british would say. Don't you think the british say bless you, bless her, bless him all the time, or is it just me?

Back at home when we go shopping there is always two people at the cashier, one is the cashier and the other packs your shopping into plastic bags. In some supermarkets the guy who packed the shopping would even take the cart for you to the car and load the things in. Everyone always goes shopping with a car, there is no such thing as walking or bus and the train don't exist.

I am not a girl who could play a character in gossip girl, who lives on the upper east side. I come from a normal income family. Life in the middle east is definitely a lot easier in many ways. No taxes or insurance either. It's quite luxurious but most people don't realize it. But they are not all rich and fancy either as many people think.

It took me five hours to wash my clothes the first two times. I started at 8p.m and finished at 1 a.m. The worst thing is the dryer, you have to put the clothes at least 3 times in to dry. Back home, you just hang them outside for 30 minutes and the job is done for free.

Another thing is carrying the shopping bags from the supermarket to the bus station and then from the bus station to the hall. Opening doors is the worst part.

We have vacuum cleaners, they work just fine but the cleaning part doesn't. They make a lot of noise and a really weird smell. Well, either that or nothing at all.

Washing dishes is annoying but drying them is even worse. I don't use glasses or plates. I eat in what I cooked in. That is my contribution to save water.

I really like ironing my clothes though, it's fun when you listen to your iPod. I'm a real pro now ;D


  1. as salamu alayikum. nice blog. dani from romania :d

  2. @ Anonymous
    Thanks for the support =)

  3. Welcome to England my friend. yes we do say Bless a lot... and thank goodness (which actually means thank GOD as in al7amdulilleh).

  4. @ Mahsa Al Thahiba
    Thanks, I already feal as I lived in England for a long time, I love it =)
    yea people bless here a lot, but I didn't hear thank goodness much though.

  5. kennste das?

  6. @ samate
    No I didn't know about this website, it's good though because I didn't meet any Germans in this university which very strange.

  7. I dont know why it shows my whole name - maybe because its links to my blog?? (You can tell I'm new to blogger). Anyways yes perhaps it is just me that says thank goodness all the time.

    :) Mahsa x

  8. Salam sis :) I was a reader of your other blog, I didnt know you wanted to pursue a career in financial accounting! Inshallah I will do the same in a year or so. Can I ask you a question? Since you mentioned you wear the hijab (I think), and your doing your BCom bachelor of comrence thats what we call it in Canada, Im assuming different for England. I wanted to know how it is wearing your hijab and being a student of that program, are there other muslim women there who wear it too in your classes ? LOL Im pretty sure you think im crazy, and your like "what is this chick talking about I feel normal wearing it" But to explain my question is that sometimes I wonder if the teacher thinks a muslim girl is incompetent because of the hijab, and will be harser. Especailly when I think about looking for work in these western societies, If you think about it whats the chance that an indian, white or chineese woman will get a job position over you because you wear a scarf. I hope you know where I'm comming from. Inshallah this dosent face any muslim woman ameen.


  9. hmmm..looks like learning BSc in house management is going to be a thorny adventure :D but its good, at least you learn to do your own things.i cant cook much,reason? my mom dont let me in the kitchen because I end up burning my hand or she complains I untidy the kitchen alot. I'm not a good cook whereas my elder sister who is just a year older to me and lives abroad has learnt to cook almost everything on her own. And when she comes back to bahrain for her vacations, I'm amazed as to what all she can do in the kitchen.And when you come back to bahrain,we will plan a feast where you will cook for all :D haha
    Enjoy yourself there xx bye

  10. I think I need to explain to what cooking means in my dictionary ;)

    Cook: Buy frozen food, put it in the oven, and eat it 20 minutes later.

    I'm very proud of myself... not.

  11. haha.. i like that lol, I ,anyway knew your cooking procedure was that simple :D

  12. @ sun:

    Not everyone is talented I'm afraid.